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Christian Community Missions Inc.

2011 annual Report to the public


Corporation Objectives First and most important:

Sharing Christ and the Abundant life with others through our Church and on the internet.


Helping people with healing and problems through intercessory Prayer


The Ministry to Client Companies.

Evangelism--Presenting the claims of Jesus Christ to every person in the work force of the world and give each individual who does not know him in a personal, saving relationship an opportunity to receive Christ as Savior and Lord.

 Discipleship-- Encourage lay believers and bi-vocational Christian ministers in the work force to live their faith in Jesus Christ at work, that their lives be uniquely different; exhort them to bear a loving, bold witness for our Lord to their fellow workers and their families, as well.

Concern---—Reach out in a loving manner, in the power and name of Jesus Christ, to individuals and families. We seek to give the hope of God’s love to hurting hearts. This love is exemplified through the role of a servant in meeting needs to those in the secular world.



CCM or CCM Missions or CCM Missions Inc. or Second Chance Ministries is a subsidiary of Christian Community Missions Inc. Located in Auburndale Florida. CCM began in Aug 2nd of 2003 in Auburndale Florida at its present location.


The main function of CCM is to eliminate over-churching in some communities and solve attendant economic and staffing problems.

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Goal number two is to replace the restrictiveness and divisiveness of denominationalism with self-determination and Christian unity.

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Goal number three is to refocus primary loyalty from organizations outside community to the community itself and, by addressing specific needs there, effect a more relevant Christian experience.


The above goals are to establish a Church in the community that is designed to meets the needs of that community, not just to meet the needs of some denomination. There is much variety among Communities which in turn effect the worship, work and witness styles and methods. CCM is striving to meet that variety with the love of Jesus Christ and His teaching from the Scriptures.


CCM began this outreach program with the establishment of a Community Bible Church in one of the biggest Flea Markets in Central Florida. International Market World. The church service began in November of 1998. There are over 900 dealers with families that have provided a nucleus Community Bible Church.

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For more information about how you can get involved or if you would become a member of CCM write (snail mail) CCM Missions, P.O. Box Auburndale, Florida 33823 or (faster) E-mail the Chaplain


Financial Statement

For the year ending March 31st, 2012

Public support through sales and donations. $44,896.50


                                                                       Cost of goods sold                                                   $8652.12

                                                                       Gross profit                                                              $36,244.38

                                                                       Parsonage & Van Expenses                                  $9336.00

                                                                       Advertising & Printing                                           $912.00                          

                                                                       Contract labor                                                         $5150.00                          

                                                                       Rent                                                                          $10,800.00
                                                                       Electric                                                                     $840.00
                                                                       Internet                                                                    $660.00
                                                                       Phone                                                                       $336.00


        Total expenses             $33,754.00

                                                                       Cash on hand                                                          $2,490.38


Come & Worship each Sunday Morning at 8 AM at the International Market World Auburndale Florida.

 Home of Christian Community Church. The Service is Evangelical Conservative and is conducted by Christian Community Missions preaching and teaching the word of God from the “King James Bible


Share this with your family and friends and plan on joining this family of God for the Life Changing Power that is found in Jesus Christ. CCM has an Internet address for Pastor Al

E-mail address for prayer requests:

CCM is supported with your tithe & gifts.